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Sewage and Septic Treatments

sewage setupAt WASTE WATER WORKS we have an experienced team to deal with all levels of sewage treatment.

We currently service over a hundred packaged systems throughout Townsville and North and Central Queensland


WE can travel in and around remote areas as well.

Sewage is a general name for waste water discharged to a common treatment facility from multiple dwellings and or communities.

Septic is a general name for waste water discharged to an on site treatment facility.

Waste water from buildings and or dwellings can be separated into two quality types;

  1. Greywater - shower, vanity, bath, laundry tub, sink
  2. Blackwater - toilet

We provide DESIGN • SUPPLY • INSTALLATION • SERVICE for your Sewage Treatment Plant or Septic Treatment Systems.

We focus on all designs to include...

  • low running costs,
  • low installation costs,
  • practical ongoing maintenance features without compromising the final result ...
    • grey water treatment
    • black water treatment
    • all water treatment
    • primary septic treatment
    • secondary treatment
    • advanced secondary treatment
    • A class
    • A plus
  • Custom design systems suitable for Environmentally sensitive areas. Water re-use for Golf Courses, public areas, revegetation and domestic lawns/gardens etc

Waste Water Works can also help with Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumpouts.

Whether you're looking to upgrade or to install a new system, contact us today for prompt professional advice.

  Everhard Davey